Management Support

Help build team moral, which ultimately creates a sustainable workforce

As an organisation we believe in offering our clients an opportunity to increase productivity, identifying potential for growth, asset acquisition and development of new business.  This is attainable by exploring the following areas of a business as part of transformational and transactionary management:

  • Service user engagement (customer service, how likely that current users will bring in more business)
  • Staff engagement (scoping to establish how much current staff value the organisation and human resource evaluation)
  • Risk management (exploring human factors and unconscious bias)
  • Management style (bottom up and top down communication)
  • Cost effective models of engagement with stakeholders (commissioners, local councils on KPIs, tariffs and packages of care)
  • Sustainability of the business (Financial scoping)
  • Writing and editing of reports (Business cases, bids, response to ombudsman, local council or CCGs)